Contract Services

We offer cost-effective and reliable contract services - whatever the requirement.

So whether it’s frequent transport for students, employees or players, you’re in safe hands with Centaur.

Long or short term contracts - we’ve got you covered.


Never miss another meeting. These services are designed to improve transport links for your employees.

We’ll create the most efficient links between offices and transport hubs, e.g. train stations and airports. What’s more, we’ll connect your business park to nearby towns and residential areas.

Save your employees money with a private bus commuter service. You can also remove the burden of expensive facilities like staff car parks.


With reliable and economical student transport services, you'll encourage even more student admissions. 

Centaur is more practical than other types of public transport. We'll improve the links between the campus and off-campus accommodation. What's more, we'll provide vital airport transfers for summer school admissions.


We can manage your team's entire UK or European tour while you relax and focus on the game.

Time for a kit change? By arranging away game transport we remove we'll take off the pressure so you can focus on the game in hand.

By implementing community bus routes to - and from - the game, we'll make sure that everyone leaves happy. Increase attendance whilst cutting costs. Game on.