Bespoke shuttle services

Reach a greater student or staff base by providing convenient door to door transport to your organisation.

Harness your shuttle service to generate revenue through ticket sales or provide it FOC. Meet your sustainability targets by encouraging less car use. Reduce the burden of expensive car parking facilities.

Launch and monitor

Our team will help you launch your service by providing recommended routes and timetables based on your student or staff population knowledge.

We then manage the day to day operation with fully-trained drivers using modern vehicles with a supporting team of traffic managers and engineers behind the scenes. You'll l receive regular reports indicating passengers utilisation and timetable performance so you can analyse the effectiveness of your service.

Beyond the journey

Utilise our range of technology to enhance your service.

  • Live GPS tracking
  • Safeguarding - see who's on board and where they are in real-time
  • Mobile tickets - either FOC or chargeable
  • Passenger Wifi & device charging
  • Service updates platform (via email or Twitter)
  • Dedicated webpage
  • Vehicle branding
  • Onboard digital advertising and next-stop displays