General Terms & Conditions of Carriage

i) Booking, payment and costs

A deposit of one third (1/3) of the total hire rate is required to confirm acceptance of a quotation and secure your booking. Your booking is not secure until we send you a 'confirmation of hire' letter/email and accompanying 'movement details' document. Transfer of a deposit alone does not constitute a secure booking, and deposits transferred for requirements that we cannot fulfil will be refunded in full. The remaining balance must reach Centaur not less than seven days prior to the hire date. All bookings are subject to confirmation and availability at the time of booking. Centaur reserves the right to cancel any booking if any of the above conditions are breached. Client accounts which have been approved in writing are payable not later than 14 days from day of hire.

The Company reserves the right to alter its price to the hirer in the event of increased costs, such as fuel prices and labour-related costs. In this scenario, the hirer will be given 28 days' notice of any price change.

ii) Vehicle Size

The seating capacity of the vehicle(s) supplied is as specified in the booking confirmation. It is the sole responsibility of the client/hirer to ensure that correct passenger seating information is provided. If no seating information is specified Centaur will provide a vehicle or vehicles with seating capacity to match the total passenger numbers known to be travelling at the time of booking (as specified in the booking confirmation). In the event that costs are incurred in providing additional capacity, Centaur will use it's best efforts to discuss this with the hirer in advance. If this is not possible Centaur will use it's discretions to alleviate any difficulties for passengers. The hirer will be responsible for any additional costs incurred.

Where a Private Hire Vehicle (less than 8 passenger seats) is provided the passenger is entering into a contract with Centaur Overland Travel Ltd. to provide the journey.

iii) Luggage

Reasonable additional luggage space will normally be provided for airport transfers and where overnight stays may require luggage space. However Centaur advises all clients/hirers to provide written details of luggage requirements (including dimensions) to ensure all luggage needs can be met. Any special luggage requirements may incur a further charge to accommodate such requirements. In the absence of full details being provide Centaur Overland Travel Ltd will always strive to estimate the amount of luggage and provide enough space for said luggage but will not be responsible if any luggage can not safely be carried on board. Any additional costs incurred as a result of unspecified luggage, including provision of a larger or additional vehicle(s), with or without a separate agreement, will be payable by the client. The client authorises Centaur Overland Travel Ltd. to apply charges to the clients credit/debit card where additional costs have been incurred.

iv) Changes

Any changes to the details of the vehicle or to the journey details that are not specified in the original booking confirmation will be at the discretion of the driver, and the costs will be the responsibility of the client. Excess charges rates available upon request.

v) Hazards

Centaur Overland Travel Ltd reserves the right to refuse to carry any person(s), luggage or items that might, in the opinion of the driver, represent a hazard.

vi) Vehicle Damage

It is the responsibility of the client/hirer to ensure that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it is provided. The costs to repair any damage made to the vehicle, or for specialist or additional cleaning services, will be the sole responsibility of the client/hirer. The client authorises Centaur to charge any excess charges to their credit card.

vii) Food and Drink

Clients are not permitted to carry, or consume, any alcoholic beverages inside any Centaur vehicle. The consumption of food and non-alcoholic beverages is discouraged but may be permitted on long journeys at the driver's discretion. The client will be responsible for costs incurred for the cleaning and/or the repair of damage to the vehicle as a result of spillages. The client authorises Centaur to charge any excess charges to their credit card.

viii) Carriage of Animals

We are unable to carry animals other than registered guide or assistance animals accompanying the appropriate passenger.

ix) Lost Property

Centaur Coaches & Minicoaches will make every effort to return property that is left on any of our vehicles to it's rightful owner as soon as possible. Due to the fact that most of our vehicles are used on multiple jobs throughout any day/night period Centaur Coaches & Minicoaches will not take responsibility for any personal items left on a vehicle by a client and cannot be held liable for any costs involved in replacing such items. Centaur Coaches & Minicoaches reserves the right to charge postage costs for the return of lost property. Centaur Coaches & Minicoaches will not be liable for any costs involved replacing any third party property that has been damaged or lost as a result of being left on any of the company's vehicles or property by either company staff, clients, passengers or any other third party individual or group. Centaur will endeavour to store lost property for as long as possible until it is returned to the rightful owner but reserve the right to dispose of items that are not claimed within 3 months. Centaur do not offer a secure storage facility onboard any of it's vehicles or at any of it's properties for non-company third party property and staff are not instructed to use the company's vehicles or property for storage.

x) Vehicle Types

Centaur Standard Coach facilities include Air Conditioning, Courier Seat, Luggage Capacity, Overhead Hand Luggage Racks, Radio/PA System and Seatbelts.

Centaur Executive Coach facilities include Air Conditioning, Aisle Carpet, Courier Seat, DVD Player, Hot Drinks Facilities, Luggage Capacity, Overhead Hand Luggage Racks, Radio/PA System, Reclining Seats, Seatbelts and W/C Facilities.

Facilities on board Centaur minicoach/bus and people carrier vehicles may vary to those offered above on full size coaches.

xi) Cancellations

xi.a) Cancellation by you

If for some reason you need to cancel your booking please contact our office immediately. Cancellations are available except where quotation, proposal or contractual terms specify minimum trip or journey numbers. Where a private hire cancellation is made 28 days prior to the trip date Centaur offers a full money back refund or a voucher for the full cost of your trip to be used on another Centaur booking (subject to availability). Where a cancellation is made within 28 days of the trip date but not later that 7 days prior to the trip date Centaur offers a full refund minus 1/3 (or the deposit whichever is greater) of the total trip cost. Regrettably Centaur is unable to offer a refund when a cancellation is made within 7 days of the journey date.

Where the Company acts as an agent to supply vehicles and/or services from another operator or supplier (such as ferry crossings, Eurotunnel crossings, tickets for events) for all or part of a booking, the client agrees to be bound by the third party terms and conditions including cancellation terms and charges.

xi.b) Cancellation by us

The Company reserves the right to cancel any booking in the event of an emergency, riot, civil commotion, civil lockdown, strike, lock out, stoppage or restraint of labour, vehicle or driver unavailability (including those of third-party subcontractor operators), or on the happening of any event over which the Company had no control (including adverse weather and road conditions), in the event of the hirer taking any action to vary agreed conditions or where significant differences are identified between quotation and booking particulars, unilaterally, the Company, may, by returning all money paid, excluding for services that have been delivered, and without further or other liability, cancel the contract.

xii) Additional contracted services terms

Contracts exceeding a length of one year are subject to an annual increase in line with RPI unless otherwise agreed. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, and signed by both parties at the start of the academic year, all regular contract journeys for transport to schools and other educational establishments will be deemed to continue to the end of the academic year. Centaur undertake to provide reliable services for that period. Centaur reserve the right to apply full charges for the remainder of that year in the event of early cancellation. The commencement of a journey will indicate acceptance of these terms. All contracts and private hire bookings are subject to additional increases in the event of fuel, labour, or other costs, increasing by more than RPI from the date of placing the booking. Any such increases will be passed directly to the client and limited to actual cost increases suffered by Centaur. Long term contracts may be priced on the basis of minimum term length, minimum number of journeys, or other factors, which may be specified during the quotation and which will override these standard terms. Where transport is specified for a specific period Centaur undertake to provide transport during this entire period and therefore cancellations are subject to full charge.

Where transport is booked for a specific period, Centaur ensures vehicles, drivers, and other customer-required items such as tracking, social media services, ticketing facilities, etc., are set aside to provide the expected reliable service for the entire period. Therefore any cancellations are subject to full charge for the booked period.

Where the client cannot specify the number of vehicles or drivers required at the start of a contract, we will always do our best to provide high-quality vehicles from our own fleet at the rates quoted. Where this is not possible, either due to late/unexpected demand or any other reason, we may source vehicles and drivers from a list of trusted affiliate operator(s). In this scenario, vehicles and drivers are subject to availability, and original quoted costs may change due to demand or notice period. In such circumstances, costs to our client will not exceed the actual affiliate costs to Centaur, plus 10% administrative cost.

Proposals for the supply and operation of electric vehicle (EV) contracts are made in line with manufacturer guidance on EV vehicle performance and range. Where real-world conditions impact vehicle range to the point that the allocated EV vehicles cannot complete regular contract timetables and schedules, we may deploy traditional combustion engine vehicles to ensure service continuity. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to keep all additional costs to a minimum, but additional charges may be levied on the client to cover any additional costs incurred.

xiii) Waiting Charges

Centaur Overland Travel Limited will do its utmost to assist clients in the event that they request an alteration to their journey on the day of hire. Please note, however, that coach drivers hours and breaks are strictly regulated by the law and recorded by tachograph equipment and vehicle trackers. In the interest of safety, and to ensure compliance with drivers hours rules, drivers are unable to breach these regulations in any circumstances. It is therefore important that your journey details are as accurate as possible at the time of booking. Any requests for delays or time changes are strictly subject to drivers regulations and to driver discretion. Where these are permitted charges will apply, please contact our office for details of relevant charges. The client authorises Centaur to charge any excess charges to their credit card.

xiv) Service reliability

Centaur Overland Travel Limited recognises the importance of providing a reliable service to all of it's passengers and make provision, within planning and scheduling, for normal traffic delays. Centaur will always allow enough reasonable travel time for vehicles to be in position to begin a booked journey. Customers are advised that they are ultimately responsible for the timings of their booking(s) (as detailed in their booking confirmation or movement details) and should ensure they provide accurate timings to booking staff and advise of any changes prior to the hire date. Customers are advised to inform Centaur staff, at the time of booking, if they wish additional travel time to be added to their journey. Centaur cannot be held responsible for delays arising through events outside of our control but will accept responsibility for the negligence of any Centaur employee's. Centaur cannot accept responsibility for consequential losses in any circumstances.

xv) Third-party subcontractor operators

The Company reserves the right to use third-party subcontractor operators to fulfil all or part of a booking. Where a third-party vehicle is used, it will not be of lesser seating capacity, specification and quality than that of which the Company would otherwise provide.

xvi) European travel quotations

Please note that due to European travel regulations, all quotations for travel to Europe are for a closed-door service only. A closed-door service means only passengers who start their journey in the UK can travel onboard the vehicle during the trip to Europe. Unfortunately, it is not possible for passengers to join a coach from any location outside the UK.



Additional Commuter Service Terms & Conditions of Carriage

i) Ticket property

All tickets remain the property of Centaur Overland Travel Ltd. during their period of validity and must only be used by the named purchaser / holder and are not transferable.

ii) Permission to travel

No person will be permitted to travel without a valid ticket. Any passenger unable to produce a valid ticket will be charged for the journey.

iii) Identification

Any persons travelling on a Centaur Commute journey must, on request, be able to provide additional identification to enable the validity of their ticket to be verified. Centaur employees are authorised to require proof of identification. Failing to provide proof of identification could result on you being charged for the journey and/or asked to leave the vehicle at the next stop.

iv) Ticket misuse

Any ticket being misused (e.g. by a person to whom the ticket was not issued or being used on a day that the ticket is not valid for) will result in the ticket being withdrawn with no refund or compensation payable. Any persons who is found to have made a journey using an invalid ticket will be required to pay a "Single" fare for each journey that they have taken using an invalid ticket. Centaur also reserve the right to impose a penalty fare of £80 for each journey, or part of a journey, that has taken place without a valid ticket being purchased prior to the journey or without a valid ticket being presented to our driver. Where a season ticket is recovered during an attempt to use this after expiry date, then the excess fares and penalty fares will be charged on the basis of the single fare rate for each journey that could have been travelled since the legitimate expiry date. Any attempt to travel without a valid ticket, including where this is prevented by Centaur staff, will incur the same penalty as if that journey had been completed with an invalid ticket.

v) Guaranteed Seating

To assist us to manage demand we ask all passengers to try to advise us of their usual or preferred service when purchasing a ticket, and to let us know, wherever possible, if they need to change to a different service. To guarantee seat availability for ticket holders Centaur reserve the right the cancel short notice tickets sales at times of high demand. This data helps us with our scheduling and should always ensure that a seat is available. In the highly unlikely event that a seat is not available on the service you wish to travel on then we would ask that you to notify our Operations Team and wait for the next service where this is not more than 30 minutes later. In the highly unlikely event that the next service is also unable to provide a seat, or where there is no service within 30 minutes, then we will reimburse the ticket cost for that journey and add an additional journey by way of a goodwill gesture. This will be done by extension of the ticket expiry date by one full day return. We would also remind all passengers that our vehicles are seated only and it is not possible to carry any more passengers than seats provided.

vi) Ticket purchasing

No ticket will be released until full payment has been received. Please allow sufficient time for your payment to reach us and your ticket to be delivered. Tickets can only be purchased a maximum of 4 weeks in advance of the ticket start date.

vii) Ticket cancellation, refund entitlement and ticket cancellation process.

Refunds are only available for Bi-Annual or Annual tickets. Single, Day return, Week, 10 singles, 40 singles or 4 week tickets are strictly non-refundable. Centaur cannot be held liable for any loss incurred due to delays arising through incidents outside of our control (e.g. severe weather conditions, road closures, traffic incidents, etc). Centaur are unable to refund a ticket that has been used to board/travel on one our services that has subsequently become delayed. Tickets that have already been used to travel with are non-refundable. Please note that because of the discounts offered on longer term tickets refunds are not made pro rata to the periods before/after surrender. Refunds will be the difference between the price you paid that the cost of the ticket or tickets required for the period for which you have actually used (or held) the ticket. Therefore, in some cases tickets will have no refund value if returned shortly before their expiry date.

Customers are strongly advised not to send unwanted non-refundable tickets to our offices. Refunds or ticket expiry date extensions will not be granted under any circumstances to non-refundable tickets that have been returned to our offices and customers may be liable for postage costs to recover the tickets. Centaur does not accept responsibility for non-refundable tickets posted to it's offices and cannot guarantee that they will be returned to the client.

Advice with regards ticket cancellations and refund entitlements may be sought from Centaur admin staff. Please note that advice is offered in good faith and it is the responsibility of the individual passenger to ensure they have calculated their refund correctly and considered all other factors prior to ticket cancellation. Customers who have enquiries pertaining to a refund are advised to contact Centaur with as much notice as possible prior to cancellation. Refunds are strictly awarded from the date the ticket is returned to the Centaur office and not from the date that a customer initially contacts Centaur to discuss refund terms and/or entitlement.

Clients who wish to return a ticket for refund should send their ticket and completed ticket cancellation form (which is available upon request) by secure post to our office at Centaur Coaches, Commuter Department, Unit 34-35 Acorn Industrial Park, Crayford, Kent, DA1 4AL. Refunds will be awarded for the remaining fare from the date the returned ticket is in our possession.

Refund entitlement

Bi-Annual or Annual tickets: The number of days since the issue of the ticket will be charged at the monthly rate and the day return rate, whichever is the lowest cost, and the balance refunded less a £15 admin charge.

We are unable to refund tickets in case of illness, however in the case of annual season tickets these may be surrendered to our office and the period of validity frozen until your return to work. The ticket must be submitted by post to our office address and should be accompanied by a Doctor or hospital certificate confirming your inability to work. Upon returning to work we will return your ticket with the validity extended by the number of full working days that it has remained surrendered. A ticket can be surrendered for a maximum of 6 months after which the ticket will no longer be valid for use.

viii) Lost tickets

4 weeks and annual tickets may be replaced at a cost of £10 and £20 respectively. Unfortunately we are unable to offer replacement passes for single, day return, weekly or fortnightly passes.

ix) Passenger etiquette

a) Centaur Commute aims to provide a relaxing, restful and comfortable journey for all passengers. Clients are requested to kindly assist by ensuring that they consider the comfort of all passengers around them and avoid undue noise from any instrument, radio, personal audio player or recording device and excessive or noisy use of mobile phones. Telephone conversations should be conducted quietly and phones put on silent / vibrate mode so as not to disturb passengers who may wish to relax or sleep on board the coach.

b) Centaur Commute reserve the right to refuse to carry any passenger if their behaviour is considered to be detrimental to the comfort or safety of any other passenger or of the service in general. Such behaviour includes consumption of alcohol, drunken, threatening or abusive behaviour or language, undue noise from any instrument, radio, personal audio player or recording device and excessive or noisy use of mobile phones. Centaur employees are authorised to instruct any passenger behaving in such a way to disembark from the vehicle. Centaur employees are instructed to contact the head office and police for assistance if required.

We recommend that all passengers take a moment to read our Passenger Etiquette Guide to help maintain comfort for all passengers.

x) Seat Belts

All coaches are fitted with notices reminding passengers to wear seat belts and as such the driver is not obliged to tell passengers as they board the coach. Coach passengers are legally required to wear seat belts and failure to do so could lead to a penalty fine issued by the authorities which may be payable by either the passenger or the coach operator. For your safety we advise that all passengers remain seated with your seat belt securely fastened whilst the vehicle is in motion. We also ask that passengers do not get up from their seat until the coach has come to a complete stop. Passengers are not permitted to stand on any journey.

xi) Children & Young Persons

All children and young persons must hold a valid ticket for travel regardless of age. A fare-paying adult must accompany any passenger under the age of 14. Evidence of the age of a child or young persons who is due to travel or is travelling may need to be produced at the point of boarding or at any point during the journey. 

The seat belts fitted to our coaches are unsuitable for securing child seats. Children tall enough to be seated in a standard seat are permitted to travel but must not be seated adjacent to emergency exits, on the front four passenger seats, the crew seat or the centre seat on the rearmost row of seats.

xii) Timetables; delays and changes

All time tables and routes are approved by local and London authorities. However, all journeys are subject to delays or circumstances beyond our control (e.g. excessive traffic and/or weather conditions, road closures, etc) that may result in a service running ahead of schedule, severely delayed or not at all for which we cannot be held responsible. Centaur understands the importance of providing a consistent service but reserve the right to alter any aspect of our commuter timetables without prior notice. On rare occasions it may be necessary for us to re-route coaches due to a blockage along our normal route or to avoid significant delay and as a result it is possible that a normal bus stop may not be able to be served. In such circumstances we will endeavour to find a suitable and convenient alternative and will inform passengers as soon as possible via the normal communication channels (firstly via the @centaurcommute X feed and secondly via a 'service update' emial). Regrettably we are unable to offer refunds and/or cover costs of any other onward travel arrangements made in the event of a missed journey nor can we be held liable for any other losses suffered due to a missed journey.

Passengers should note that all times advertised on our commuter timetables represent the departure time of the coach from that stop (i.e. 17:05 indicates the coach departs the stop at 17:05:00). Passengers are advised to arrive at their chosen bus stop a couple of minutes early ready to depart at the advertised time.

xiii) Toilets

It is a legal requirement that all passengers remain seated with seat belts on during any journey and as such toilets on coaches are not for routine use. However, toilets may be made available by the driver for emergency use only or where unforeseen delays arise. Toilets are generally available onboard all commuter coaches but are not guaranteed.

xiv) Luggage

For your comfort, large items of luggage (not exceeding 20kg and 100cm(w) x 50cm(w) x 50cm(d)) should be placed in the hold. Please speak to your driver who will assist you in stowing such items, do not attempt to stow them yourself. Lightweight personal items such as rucksacks or laptop bags should be stowed in the overhead racks / lockers of the vehicle and not placed in the gangway and/or adjacent to the emergency exit. We also kindly request that passengers do not store luggage on adjacent seats as these should be kept clear for other passengers.

xv) Set-Down Only & Request Stops

Certain stops on our timetables have operational classifications. These classifications do not affect the service offering to our customers but allow our operations team to modify routing to avoid congestion.

Request: Coaches will only serve these stops upon request from a passenger. Any passengers wishing to use a request stop, either to board or alight a Centaur service, must contact the commuter team by email or phone (Mon-Fri 08:30 - 17:00) at least 24hrs prior to catching their intended coach. Passengers wishing to alight a request stop must also also advise the driver upon boarding the coach. Passengers wishing to alight at a request stop are reminded that they must remain seated with a seatbelt on while the vehicle is in motion and as such should alert the driver to their preferred stop when boarding the coach.

xvi) Routing & bus stops

London A.M drop-off's and PM pick-ups are strictly as outlined on the timetables. The exact route of the coach may vary from AM to PM services or as a result of excessive weather or traffic conditions. Centaur will always make every effort to inform passengers of any route and bus stop changes as outlined in point xii) Timetables; delays and changes. Under the terms of our TfL licence drivers are not permitted to make any additional or unscheduled stops and are not permitted to allow passengers to board or alight on the roadside.

xvii) Operating Times

All Centaur Commute services operate between Monday and Friday. No tickets are valid for services during weekends or bank holidays.

xviii) Ticket Validity

Tickets are valid from Monday through to Friday not inc. Bank and other Public holidays. Tickets are valid up to and including the valid to date shown on the face. Due to operation purposes Centaur are not able to extend the validity of any tickets. Tickets are subject to seat availability. Our commuter service passenger data is monitored very closely to ensure our commuter vehicles do not overload, however, on the rare occasion that this may happen our vehicles are seated only and it is not possible to carry any more passengers than seats provided.

Ticket prices are determined by Centaur Overland Travel Ltd. and are subject to review annually. Increases will be applied to new purchases.

xix) Vehicle Breakdown

Where a vehicle breaks down through mechanical failure we undertake to provide a replacement within a maximum of 60 minutes from the time the breakdown has been reported to us. In the event the replacement arrives later than 60 minutes, or the you decide to seek alternative transport, we will reimburse the ticket cost of that journey and will add an additional journey by way of a goodwill gesture. This will be done by way of an extension to the ticket expiry date by one full day.

xx) Service Failure & Delays

In the extremely unlikely event that Centaur Commute fails to to provide a scheduled service, or part of a service, is deemed to be due to our own negligence then we will be responsible for all reasonable onward travel costs. Regrettably we are unable to offer refunds and/or cover costs of any other onward travel arrangements made in the event of a missed journey due to a cancellations, excessive delay or service failures that is caused by circumstances outside of our control i.e. severe weather conditions, road closures, etc. Centaur make every effort to minimise the impact of delays caused by traffic incidents by a dedicated Operations team monitoring traffic during the service. However we we cannot be held liable for any losses incurred due to long travel delays caused by circumstance outside of our control.

xxi) Bexley Black Prince arrangements during service diversion

On rare occasions when our usual route via the A20 is inaccessible due to reasons outside of our control, it may be necessary for commuter services to take a recognised alternative route. In these circumstances, it may not be possible for coaches to serve the Bexley Black Prince bus stop, and an alternative stop, outlined below, will be used.

A20 alternative route

AM stop: Opposite Sidcup Road, Green Lane (Stop M)

PM stop: Sidcup Road, Green Lane (Stop M)

A13 alternative route

AM stop: BP Garage, Princes Rd, Dartford

PM stop: Prince Avenue, Princes Rd, Dartford

Customers are kindly reminded that the Bexley Black Prince stop is request only, and customers planning to travel to/from this stop are must contact us at least 24 hrs in advance of travel. Customers are also advised to inform their driver upon boarding the coach on the day of travel so that the driver can inform passengers when an alternative route and stop is implemented.

In addition to these measures, please kindly ensure that our sales team has your up-to-date contact details if you travel to Bexley Black Prince, including your email address and telephone number. If services cannot access stops such as the Bexley, Black Prince, our team will attempt to contact you to advise you as soon as practically possible.

xxii) Service updates & travel guidance

Service updates contain vital information about our commuter service and customers are strongly advised to check these updates prior to travel. Service updates will be published via email to customers registered on our e-mail list (click here to sign up) & via the @centaurcommute X feed. Longer term changes will also be published on the service updates section of our website ( General day to day information relating to service running times will only be published via the @centaurcommte Twiter feed. Please note that Centaur operate several X feeds but information relating to the Centaur Commute service is only published on the @centaurcommute X feed. The service updates e-mail list and @centaurcommute X feed will be advertised on our website as well as on the accompanying letter sent with commuter tickets. Please note that it is solely the responsibility of the customer to ensure they access service update information as Centaur is unable to automatically sign up customers to the e-mail list or contact individual customers in the event of changes. Travel guidance may be provided by Centaur staff through the above channels or upon request. This guidance may be communicated in person, by phone, by e-mail or via the @centaurcommute X feed. Customers are reminded that this guidance is offered in good faith with the information staff have available to them at the time. However, customers are ultimately responsible for planning their journey and the company cannot be held liable for any losses incurred because of missed or delayed journeys by a customer making personal decisions following guidance received by Centaur staff.

xxiii) Free Wifi Service

Users of the free onboard Wifi service acknowledge:- (a) that it is technically impossible to provide onboard mobile Wifi entirely free of faults and that Centaur does not undertake to do so; (b) that faults may lead to temporary unavailability of the Wifi; and (c) that the operation of the Wifi may be adversely affected by conditions and performances outside Centaur's control, including network signal availability, transmission, telecommunications links, and (d) that the onboard WiFi is a mobile communications service primarily designed to support activities such as active use of email, instant messaging, accessing corporate intranets and general web browsing; (e) the service is shared amongst all passengers and consideration should be given for the overall experience for all passengers when using the service and thus the service is not able to support data heavy tasks such as music/video streaming, gaming, etc; (f) to ensure as effective as possible service to all customer a per passengers, per journey data cap of 100 MB is imposed.

xxiv) E-mail updates

By signing up to our e-mailing list you agree to receive e-mails from Centaur. Our Commuter Service e-Updates mailing list is compiled from persons who have bought a ticket or trialed our service. Only essential travel information/developments and offers from Centaur are shared. Your data is never shared with any other persons or organisations.  

xxv) Privacy Policy 

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

xxvi) Free Trial Service

Free trial bookings are subject to availability and can only be taken upon receipt of a 'free trial booking confirmation'. Persons wishing to take advantage of our two free trial journeys offer must book there trial journeys within 10 working days of each other. The free trial can only be redeemed once per person within a 5 year period. Centaur reserves the right to refuse the free trial offer to any applicant.

xxvii) Coach tracker website application

Centaur cannot be held responsible for any missed departures resulting in improper customer use of the CoachTrack website application nor through display faults or errors of the application. Customers are strongly advised to note the following prior to using the application;

Pin locations do not necessarily show the live position of the vehicles. Pins are usually updated every minute but due to technical or geographical issues updates can be delayed. When planning your journey using the app it is important to ensure you click the pin and check the last update time.

Pins will appear between 30-60 minutes before the first scheduled bus stop and are displayed during all the pick-up's. Pins will usually disappear 30-60 mins after the last pick-up has been completed.

If you are unsure of the position of a coach and would like an update from our operations team please contact us via phone (0208 300 3001) or X ( and a member of our team will be happy to assist.



Website Terms and Conditions

1. Who is responsible for managing my information?

This website is owned and maintained by Centaur Overland Travel Ltd. (“we” or “us”). We are responsible for the collection and proper management of any personal information you submit. We will keep your personal details secure and use the information you provide consistently with applicable privacy and data protection laws and the terms of this Privacy Policy.

2. What information do we collect about you?

We collect information entered into any of the web forms on our website. We also collect general website usage information. We do this using cookies (see section 7 below).

3. How do we use your information?

The information you provide may be used in several ways, for example: to provide you with the information, products and services you ask for, and honour any contract you have with us; for statistical purposes when we evaluate our range of services. To personalise repeat visits to our website; to tell you about other products and services that we think may be of interest to you (see section 5 below); and to manage customer service queries.

4. Who will we share your information with.

We may disclose your information to our regulators, lawyers and auditors, persons where required by law and with selected third-party coach operators when we are unable to fulfil your coach hire request using our own fleet. If you do not wish us to share this information please advise us using the “any other comments” section when submitting your quotation request,

5. When will we contact you in the future?

We would occasionally like to send you information about our own products and services. We may do this by post, telephone or email unless you have told us that you do not wish to be contacted in this way. If you would like to change any of your preferences relating to the way in which we may use your information to contact you, then please contact us by email at [email protected]. Additonally, If you are registered for our commuter service update emails you can ammend your settings here.

If you are a commuter customer we will send you Service Update e-mails containing essential service information to ensure we can honour the contract we have with you. If you would like to ammend your settings in relation to our Service Update e-mails or stop receving them you can do so here.

6. How long will we hold your information for?

We have a system of retention periods in place to ensure that your information is only stored whilst it is required for the relevant purposes or to meet legal requirements. Where your information is no longer required, we will ensure it is disposed of in a secure manner.

Please see section 8 below if you wish to amend or delete the data we hold about you.

7. Cookies

Our website detects your computer’s operating system, screen resolution and the browser you are using to adjust the site to best suit your system. This is done using a cookie created on your computer. The information is returned to us and stored in an aggregated form for statistical purposes only. We do not collect or store any personal information. It is possible for you to delete cookies or prevent their use by adjusting the settings on your computer.

8. How can you access, update or delete the data we hold about you?

You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all your personal information, please email [email protected] or write to us at the address below (see section 11). We want to make sure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. You may ask us to correct or remove information that you think is inaccurate or that you no longer wish to us to hold.

To remove all the information that we hold about you – (i) website account holders should log-in and click the “delete all” button within their account preferences or e-mail us or write to us. (ii) Non-website account holders should email us at [email protected] or write to us at the address below (see section 11). Additonally, If you are registered for our commuter service update emails you can ammend your settings or delete your profile/data here.

9. Does the policy apply to linked websites?

Our website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to this website so when you link to other websites you should read their own privacy policies.

10. How do we update this privacy policy?

We keep our privacy policy under regular review and place any updates on our webpage. This privacy policy was last updated on May 2018.

11. How to contact us.

Please use the below details to contact us about our Privacy Policy, to amend or delete the data we hold about you or anything else regarding our service: