The coach tracker displays all active Centaur commuter services. You can see further service information for each coach by clicking the blue marker pin.

For further help and assistance using the coach tracker, please read the other FAQ items on this page or contact us.

Please note that the coach tracker does not display the location of contract or private hire vehicles.

The coach tracker displays all commuter coaches currently in service, and there are two ways to identify a coach using the tracker.

1. Drop-down menu: Select a specific coach from the drop-down menu located in the top right-hand corner of the coach tracker. Coaches are identified by the route number and departure time from the first stop. So in the example below, the coach selected is 786 departing at 16:35, otherwise identified as 786a PM.

2. Coach marker pin: Click the blue pin to open a pop-up showing the following service information.

Route ID The route number and departure time from the first stop
Description Route overview indicating departure and destination areas
Depart name Name of the first bus stop on the timetable
Arrival name Name of the last bus stop on the timetable
Vehicle last update The last time the coach GPS was updated


Coach marker pins are updated 4-5 times every minute, so the location of the coach tracker is generally very accurate. However, due to technical or geographical issues, sometimes updates can be delayed, resulting in the vehicle appearing further away than it is. We strongly recommend customers check the 'Vehicle Last Updated' time when using the coach tracker, as this indicates the time that the vehicle was recorded at the location indicated by the blue marker pin.

Please note that Centaur accepts no liability for a missed trip resulting from improper use of the coach tracker, GPS update delays, or other application errors.

Commuter coaches do not appear on the coach tracker until approximately 20 mins before the first bus stop departure time. If the coach you are trying to track is not displaying, we kindly advise you to check back nearer to the departure time.

Yes, the coach tracker is a web-based application and can be accessed via any mobile or desktop web browser.