Commuter Fares

The below fares are applicable on all tickets with a start date of Monday, 9 October 2023 or later.

Route/Zone       Sevenoaks 790,789 790, 789, 788, 786
Ticket name No. of tickets/trips Validity (Mon-Fri) * Bexley ** Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Day tickets
Single 1 1 day £16.50 £16.50 £22 £23
Day Return 2 1 day £21 £21 £27 £27.50
Single bundles
10 singles 10 3 months £72 £99 £114 £122
40 singles 40 3 months £268 £391 £426 £457
Flexi tickets
Flexi 1-day a week 24 3 months £164 £235 £261 £285
Flexi 2-days a week 48 3 months £262 £450 £505 £538
Flexi 3-days a week 72 3 months £415 £671 £743 £793
Season tickets
1 Week Season 10 1 week £62 £88 £104 £109
4 Weeks Season 40 4 consecutive weeks £242 £317 £358 £380
Bi-Annual Season N/A - Period pass 6 calendar months £1,272 £1,723 £1,911 £2,105
Annual Season N/A - Period pass 1 calendar year £2,379 £3,084 £3,440 £3,745

All tickets are subject to our terms and conditions.


Local Fares

Take advantage of our great onboard facilities by using the coach to travel locally in your town.

Routes valid for Validity (Mon-Fri*) All routes
Single 1 day £6
Day Return 1 day £12

Local journeys are between advertised stops entirely within Kent or entirely within Greater London (excluding to and from Bexley, Black Prince). Local journey tickets are available for purchase online or from the driver via contactless payment. Please note that our drivers are unable to accept cash.


How to buy

Online - Click to buy 

Telephone - Call 0208 300 3301

On-board - Single, day return and local tickets are available for purchase from the driver via contactless payment. Please note that our drivers are unable to accept cash.


How to use your ticket

We operate a mobile ticket system on our Canary Wharf and London commuter service. Using the system is easy, and all you need to do is create an account, buy your mobile ticket, which will be delivered to you by email and then present it to your driver upon boarding the coach.

To find out more about purchasing and using a mobile ticket and answers to common questions, please see the mobile ticket FAQ page. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss mobile tickets with a member of our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Rail Ticket Trade-In

Want to switch to our service but still hold a rail season ticket? No problem...

We know that you can lose out if you cancel your rail ticket early, so we've introduced our "Rail Ticket Trade-In" to help offset some all of the losses you may incur. Click here to find out more.


* Ticket validity - Commuter tickets are valid for use Monday-Friday only, excluding Public Holidays and only valid for use on specific routes (i.e Zone 2 for route 789).

** Travel to/from Bexley - Bexley fares indicate the price for a ticket from Bexley to London or vice versa. You must purchase the applicable zonal ticket for travel between Bexley and Sevenoaks, Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells. For example, for a trip between Sevenoaks and Bexley, you must purchase a Zone 1 ticket, or for a trip between Bexley and London, you must purchase a Bexley ticket.