Sevenoaks PM Timetable (effective 1st Jan '17)    
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PM departures (service no.)789/90a789/90b789/90c788/90d
Blackfriars (Stop A)  16:4217:1917:5218:22
Cannon Street (Stop MB)   16:4717:2417:5718:27
Fenchurch Street (Stop V)16:5417:3118:0418:33
Canary Wharf, West India Avenue / Cabot Square (Stop C)  17:1217:4918:2118:50
A2 Bexley, Black Prince Hotel *17:4218:1918:4619:10
PM arrivals (service no.)789/90a789/90b789/90c788/90d
Sevenoaks, Westerham Road, Chipstead Corner (A21/A25 junction)





Chipstead High Street, adjacent Cheveneing Road18:0118:3819:0519:32
Chipstead Park18:0218:3919:0619:34
Chipstead Lane, Bullfinch Close18:0418:4119:0819:36 
Bullfinch Lane, adjacent Chesterfield Drive18:0518:4219:0919:38 
Dunton Green (Riverhead), Tesco superstore18:0718:4419:1119:40 
Riverhead Library18:0918:4619:1319:42 
Sevenoaks, Breaside Avenue, adjacent Fire Station18:1118:4819:1519:45 
Sevenoaks Train Station18:1118:4819:1519:45 
Sevenoaks Town Centre, Tubs Hill Shops18:1218:4919:1619:46 
Sevenoaks Town Centre, London Road opposite M3 House18:1218:4919:1619:46 
Sevenoaks Town Centre, High St adjacent The Chequers Pub18:1318:5019:1719:47 
Sevenoaks Town Centre, Lower High Street18:1418:5119:1819:48 
Sevenoaks Town Centre, The Drive18:1418:5119:1819:48 
Sevenoaks, The Vine18:1518:5219:1919:49 
Sevenoaks, adjacent Egdean Walk18:1618:5319:2019:50 
St Johns Hill18:1718:5419:2119:51 
Bat & Ball, adjacent The Castle18:1818:5519:2219:52 
Bat & Ball station (Otford Road bus stop)18:1818:5519:2219:52 
Otford Road, opposite Sainsbury's superstore18:2018:5719:2419:54 
Otford Road, opposite Vestry Road18:2118:5819:2519:55 
Otford Road, opposite Bubblestone Road18:2118:5819:2519:55 
Otford Pond18:2218:5919:2619:56 
Otford Station18:2319:0019:2719:57 
Shoreham Station18:2519:0219:2919:59 
Eynsford Station18:2819:0519:3220:02 
Eynsford High Street, opposite Five Bells Pub18:2919:0619:3320:03 
Eynsford, adjacent Mill Lane18:2919:0619:3320:03 
Farningham, White Post Hill18:3019:0719:3420:04 
Additional timetable information
All evening arrivals in Kent are set-down only.
* - request stop
- change coaches into waiting shuttle bus for remainder of journey.
For further details see terms.