Covid-19 Secure Transport

Safeguard the wellbeing of your students by ensuring your transport is Covid-19 secure.

In-line with the latest Government guidance for transport operators, we have introduced extensive risk mitigation actions across our vehicles, ensuring your students and staff travel in a secure and safe environment.

Please speak to one of our experts to discuss safe transport services for your School, College or University.

Covid-19 Secure Checklist

All of our services conform to the latest Government guidance for transport operators.

Ensure the transport you commission is secure by checking that your operator is following the latest Government guidance.

Download our Covid-19 Secure Transport checklist.

Safety and wellbeing

We've made extensive changes to our operation to protect those travelling on our vehicles and make sure our services are safer than any other form of public transport.

If you would like to find out more about our risk mitigation or discuss specific measures you have in mind for your transport, please speak to one of our experts.