commuting with Centaur

stylish, state-of-the-art coaches

It’s quality all the way to and from London on our modern coaches! Settle
back and surf the internet with our free wi-fi or enjoy your newspaper or a
book by benefiting from our reading lights, or maybe just sit, back and relax
on our reclining seats and stretch your legs – there’s plenty of space!
We’ve also a washroom on-board too. Unlike on the train, everyone is
guaranteed a seat and we monitor ticket sales continuously to ensure they’ll
always be enough room for you to get on-board!

Meanwhile, our drivers pride themselves with their attentiveness and friendly demeanour – delighted to meet your every need!

direct, reliable, door-to-door

Door-to-door, we’re quicker from many destinations to London than by train and we’ll
save you literally thousands of pounds a year too! Not only that - our services are really
reliable, benefiting from the special bus and coach lanes available to glide in and out of London
– meaning we’re 20% faster than by car!
– come snow, sun or rain! We also love keeping
you updated, so if you think there may be problems
with the service due to the elements, don’t worry,
we’ll email you in advance or you can follow our
regular updates on twitter or facebook!

saving money by saving the planet

Just think of what you could do with the money you save by commuting with
Centaur instead of the train! A flash holiday or perhaps some home improvements,
maybe even affording to go out more and have fun at weekends? On average,
our customers each save £1,889 a year through travelling with us and
that doesn’t even include the exorbitant car parking charges in and
around their local railway station or the cost of the bus each morning,
before they’ve even got on the train!

Even if you have to use the train one or two evenings a week – if you are working late or wishing to socialise
– then you can still make a massive saving on your annual commute to work, by purchasing a 10 or 40 singles ticket!

You’ll not only be saving money by choosing Centaur but also helping preserve the Planet too!
Train travel to and from London has an almost 4kg higher carbon footprint than travelling by coach.
That’s sufficient carbon to make 75 cups of coffee each – enough to keep even the earliest
of commuters awake each morning - though don’t bet against our reclining seats and comfy coaches keeping you asleep!